Protected areas of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Protected areas cover more than 915.7 thousands of of the republic that is about 29,7% of its total territory. These areas are both unique and typical Arctic and Sub-arctic ecosystems that are rich in biological diversity.

Protected areas are reserved territories that are represented by standard natural landscapes, beauteous sceneries, migration routes and breeding sites of wild animals and birds, including rookeries of rare and endangered species. These lands are also inhabited by indigenous minorities of the North who have lived here for many centuries, followed traditional nomadic lifestyles and used their territories for sacred rituals.

Protected areas provide conservation and restoration of biological and landscape diversity to ensure stability and self-regulation of natural ecosystems, and ability to reduce effects of anthropogenic disturbance and pressure.

Republican protected areas system is a regional part of the federal system of protected areas in Russia. Coordination and management of protected areas in Yakutia are provided through governing on federal, regional and local levels. Our Agency is authorized to govern regional protected areas.

Protected areas system in Yakutia

Status Category Number Area, ha
Federal Zapovednik/Nature reserve 2 2280100
Botanic Garden 1 540
total   3 2280640
Regional (republican) Nature Park 6 7874072,22
Resource Reserve 62 46844109
State Nature zakaznik/sanctuary 13 9124200
Protected landscape 1 1045
Unique lake 26 87852
Nature monument 17 531221
total   125 64462499,22
Local (municipal) Resource Reserve 44 21732237,9
Restricted area 16 2204002,4
Nature monument 23 508755,2
Protected landscape 2 350466
Ecological park for  children 3 29150
Unique lake 1  


total   89 24825698,5
TOTAL   217 91568837,72

We manage 119 protected areas in the region (without Nature Parks), including 62 resource reserves, 13 state nature zakazniks/sanctuaries, one protected landscape, 26 unique lakes and 17 nature monuments.